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WJT International is a trading firm specialized in a wide variety of products (fresh, dry, and frozen food). To us, effective trading in today’s competitive market requires a 360-degree approach. This is why we provide clients with more than traditional trading services.


Shipping & Logistics

WJT International provides you with exception shipping and logistics services. Our location near the port of Antwerp and our well-established business relationships with the world’s leading container carriers lets us offer comprehensive and efficient solutions that span:


  • road transport
  • warehousing
  • shipping services
  • marine insurance
  • inspection regulation and procedures’ knowledge
  • documentation processing expertise


We’re here to provide you with unparalleled shipping services assistance. Contact us now and experience the professional edge.

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 Trade finance expertise

The nature of our business in international trade and our connections with multinational financial institutes empower us with the means to offer you several advantageous extras:


  • forex trade services
  • various payment terms
  • credit insurance facilities